Affordable Home Remedy Steps for Avoiding Dog Urinary Crystals

Published: 15th October 2009
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If you start to notice crystals in your dogs urine after voiding it should be taken seriously before it progresses into a bigger problem. The tiny crystals themselves are forming somewhere in the urinary tract with the most likely point of origin being the bladder. The good news is that you have recognized a potential problem early.

One of things that makes these tiny crystals so dangerous is that they generally go unnoticed, causing no pain or symptoms. But if crystals in your dogs urine start to become a regular occurrence it is just a matter of time until these tiny formations bond together into a stone formation. The most common types of stone formations are struvite (magnesium, ammonium, and phosphate, calcium oxalate (calcium and phosphate) and uric acid stones which are found almost exclusively in Dalmatians.

Once recognized it is important that a treatment plan for a dog with crystals in his/her urine be implemented. The good news is that at this stage it need not be an expensive elaborate array of fancy procedures. Those will come later if these tiny crystals are allowed to turn into potentially dangerous urinary tract blocking boulders.

Let's go through a few steps that can be taken from the comfort of your home to inhibit the formation of dog urinary tract crystals.

*Water just might do the trick: Flushing the urinary tract helps keep the urine flowing eliminating minerals before they have a chance to form stones and reduces high pH which plays a big role in the formation of struvite stones. Don't overdo it, it is possible to drown your dog if large amounts of water are given. Additionally, some pet owners have found success here by adding salt to their pets water. But before you do this make sure your dog has no heart or kidney problems; better yet consult your vet.

*Watch out for high calcium and magnesium diets: Diets high in calcium and magnesium have been linked to crystals in urine of dogs. While less common, high protein consumption is also a possibility. Simple moderation is a good rule of thumb especially when combined with increased water consumption.

*Keep a watchful eye out for infection: Quite often struvite crystal formation is caused by a bacterial infection somewhere in the urinary tract. Adding, either cranberry or blueberry juice to your pets water helps prevent bacteria from adhering to the wall of the urinary tract, so consider this. Also, homeopathic herbal remedies for urinary tract health can help to prevent bacterial infections while conditioning the urinary tract against damage.

*Bathroom breaks are important: Crystals in the urine of your dog must have time to form and failure to void regularly adds to the risk. Bathroom breaks should not be spaced farther than six to eight hours apart.

*Avoid inactivity: Studies show that inactive dogs are twice as likely to develop stones and crystals than active dogs.

In summary taking a few smart steps can be an effective treatment for a dog with crystals in their urine potentially avoiding what could be an expensive trip to the vet.

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