Can Liver Cancer Be Treated In Dog and What About Natural Remedies For Liver Cancer In Dog?

Published: 27th October 2009
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Cancer is the unbridled growth of cells in which mutant cells fail to abide by the norms of cell replacement and multiply at a high rate forming masses (tumors) that crowd out normal growth. If this processes is not halted or interrupted the cancer will take over the organ, spread through the body, and kill your dog. Liver cancer is more common in aging dogs and the most recent statistics depict a gloomy prognosis with one out of every two dogs over the age of ten dying of cancer. The death rate for liver cancer is over ninety percent.

Generally liver cancer is a result of a tumor somewhere else in the dogs body which has spread to the liver but liver cancer originating in the liver known as primary tumors, while not as common, are often seen. Primary tumors can be either be malignant or benign and may metastasize (spread) to other locations such as the lungs, lymph nodes, and abdominal wall.

Cancers capable of spreading to the liver include mammary and pancreatic cancer just to name a couple.

At this point we understand what has happened but the primary question as to can liver cancer be treated in my dog has yet to be addressed . Once the tumor has been identified a biopsy will be needed to either confirm or rule out malignancy and provide a definitive diagnosis. If a single liver lobe is involved surgery will likely be recommended. If multiple tumors on multiple lobes are found there currently is no effective treatment. So the answer to the question can liver cancer be treated in a dog is no in those impacting multiple lobes and possibly in those cases where a singular liver lobe is involved. It also must be pointed out that chemotherapy is generally ineffective against this type of cancer. On the bright side German doctors are working on targeted radiation therapy which has shown some promise and may be available for pets in the near future.

Natural remedies for a liver cancer dog

While homeopathic and/or herbal remedies cannot claim to cure liver cancer there have been a number of encouraging clinical trials which support their use as an additional tool in sustaining overall health and energy levels. Natural remedies for liver cancer work by boosting immune function as well as cleansing and purifying your pet's body. I cannot in good conscious tell you that natural remedies for liver cancer will make everything alright, in fact they probably will not, but occasionally a case of liver cancer arises where the difference between life and death is razor thin. In these cases any advantage you can take in saving your dog's life is worth a try. If you do decide to go this route the products that seem to have the best reputation are homeopathic in nature and contain these six ingredients: Huang Qi, Mistletoe, Echinacea, Indian ginseng, Milk thistle, and Cat's Claw.

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