Food List To Increase HDL Cholesterol

Published: 11th March 2010
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The world of cholesterol is a lot like walking a tightrope. On one side you have the long potentially deadly fall that comes with high cholesterol into the depths of heart attack and stroke and on the other side you have the muscle aches, pains, and potentially serious cell death if cholesterol levels drop too low. So the trick is finding a way to stay in a healthy range. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by implementing a food list to increase HDL cholesterol. You are probably wondering why HDL is such as big deal, after all why not just worry about staying on the cholesterol tightrope.

HDL is known as the good cholesterol and if we can get enough of it all of the sudden that tightrope act might not quite so tricky. Some experts believe that keeping high density proteins high (above 60) is the single most important factor in achieving cardiovascular health.

Okay I'm convinced, where can I pick up a bottle of that HDL. Ah, therein lies the problem. Prescription medications that crack down on cholesterol faster than an auto mechanic can say oil change only are able to raise those so called good cholesterol levels by a measly 5 points or so. No, the best way to give your heart the protection provided by high density lipoproteins is by staying away from tobacco smoke, exercising five times a week, and implementing a food list to increase HDL cholesterol.

I have my own food list to increase HDL cholesterol that has worked well for me and thought you might be able to benefit from it as well. Now let's get to the list.

*Avocados: 26 of the 30 grams of fat in an avocado is considered good fat and they boost HDL levels as well.

*Olive Oil: Monosaturated fats such as those contained in olive oil and canola have been shown to increase good cholesterol without raising that nasty old LDL or bad cholesterol.

*Apples: It has been known for years that the pectins in apples are cholesterol healthy but what wasn't known is that Old Granny Smith could raise HDL levels.

*Oatmeal and Oat bran: These foods are considered soluble fiber foods which absorb cholesterol in the intestines and send it right out the back door. They also boost HDL. Oat bran is the better of the two as far as cholesterol health goes.

*Cranberries/Cranberry Juice: Another hidden gem that boosts good cholesterol.

*Fish/Fish Oil: There is some question as to whether cold water fatty fish actually raises HDL but there is undisputable evidence, according to the American Heart Association, that two servings a week decrease the chances of heart attack and stroke.

What Next? Lowering cholesterol, in most cases, is about changing old habits, adopting new healthier habits, and enlisting the help of convention medications such as statins or natural cholesterol reducing remedies if needed. Put simply, this basically means finding ways to increase HDL (good cholesterol) and decrease LDL (bad cholesterol levels). Certainly the aforementioned statin drugs will be one of your options but they do carry a number of serious label warnings. The side effect risks have made natural cholesterol reduction supplements combined with diet modification an alternative treatment combination worth considering.

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