Home Remedies For Dog Incontinence and Causes

Published: 10th April 2010
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When a dog, or any pet for that matter, starts to have accidents in the house it is not something that can simply be swept under the rug. Some type of action has to be taken, whether it is a trip to the vet, designing a home remedy plan, or implementing a natural supplement that is capable of curing a wide range of dogs incontinence causes.

The list of potential culprits of dogs incontinence causes is quite long. This list would include stress, nervousness, displacement syndrome, advancing age, ectopic ureter, partial blockage of the urethra, bladder infection, distended bladder, diseases such as diabetes or Cushing's, and brain or spinal cord disorders. Believe it or not this is the short list. As you can see this list contains both treatable and untreatable causes. Some of the treatable ones will require a surgical procedure or at the very least a veterinary visit.

On the other hand there are a number of these which can be treated at home, such as mild urinary tract infections, nervousness, and bladder or urethral control problems. Most home remedies approach healing in what is known as a full spectrum approach. This means removing any bolder in the middle of your dogs highway to natural healing, allow your pet to drive down the middle of the road to good health. But before you turn over the car keys let's look at a few simple steps you can take to eliminate your dogs incontinence (or at least reduce its severity) once and for all.

There are a number of basic rules as they apply to home remedies for dogs incontinence causes. Let's look at these:

*Beware of dehydration: If your dog is urinating all over everything in sight the natural tendency is to take their water away. You should fight this urge, and in fact go the other way by making sure they have plenty of clean fresh water to drink.

*Bathroom breaks: Providing timely bathroom breaks is a key component to home urinary tract and incontinence healing. When your dog has to hold urine they put unnecessary pressure on the bladder and open the door for bacterial infection due to the pooling of urine in the bladder. They may leak urine due to a weak sphincter but still may have pooling bacteria laden urine.

If you will be away from home it is important to find a neighbor or friend that is willing to come over and allow your dog to void until the condition has abated.

*Add blueberry or cranberry juice to their water: This is one I have used successfully over the years with my pets and you should too. These juices make it difficult for bacteria to attach to the interior lining of the urinary tract, thus sending dangerous bacteria out of the system rather than allowing them to gain a foothold inside the urinary tract.

*Keep your pet active: Inactivity can create a long list of potential additional problems for the incontinent pet. Studies show that active pets have better urinary system function. They also have better immune system function. A healthier immune system helps them to fight off disease more effectively. A couple of cautionary notes. Be wary of the heat, sick pets dehydrate easily. The second suggestion is not to overdo it. Allow them to go out for just a few minutes and then bring them in for some of that tasty cranberry water.

*Homeopathic natural supplements: Homeopathic supplements address a wide range of dogs incontinence causes and should be a part of any comprehensive home treatment plan. They tend to particular effective when bladder issues are the root cause of the incontinence.

One final word of caution. If you are doing all the right things, and your pets condition does not improve in a week or so, you should contact your vet to formulate a more aggressive approach to treatment.

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