Incontinence Dogs Causes

Published: 14th April 2010
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Sifting through the possible Incontinence dogs causes is a task that will face the majority of pet owners at least once in their lifetime. For many it will be an emotional time, fearing age related dementia or some other type of incurable illness which will require difficult heart wrenching decisions. Some pet owners will face this very sad task by saying goodbye in the form of euthanasia, others will delegate their pet to the backyard, and still others will look for incontinence dog causes and cures. While we are painting a gloomy ending to an otherwise happy movie it doesn't necessarily have to turn out that way. In fact, many incontinence dogs causes are easily treatable through both prescription and natural home remedies.

Incontinence dogs causes

When putting on our detective hat to find the combination of dogs incontinence causes, or cause, that responsible for our pets dilemma we must first rule out behavioral urinary misbehavior. Behavioral urinary issues are very common and can include lack of house training, territorial marking, nervousness, anger, bringing a new pet into the mix, and grief.

In the last few years I have personally seen three instances where a couple owned a happy well adjusted dog only to see their behavior completely change due to grief. One case was a divorce, the other a death, and the third was the loss of a companion pet. All three instances had an incontinence component. So be sure to rule out behavioral issues before embarking on your quest to find other causes.

The next question to ask is has your pet experienced a spinal cord or brain injury? Have they eaten something they shouldn't have which could cause brain damage such as paint? Have they had a serious trauma which may have damaged their bladder or urethra such as being hit by a car or being attacked by another dog. Even if you feel like these aren't the cause make sure you convey these possibilities to your vet for an expert opinion.

At this point if you haven't found answers it might be time to load up your dog and head for the veterinary clinic to rule out other causes such as bladder stones, hormone related incontinence, diabetes, Cushing's, and bacterial infection. Most incontinence dogs causes can either be ruled in or ruled out with the help of a urine analysis, urine culture, and a blood test. Once completed these three tests will provide answers one way or the other.

Now if all tests come back negative it is likely that your dog is suffering from age related weakening of the bladder sphincter, bladder, urethra or muscles surrounding the urethra. While at first glance this may seem like bad news you can take heart in knowing there are both prescription and natural medicines specially formulated to support and condition the urinary tract. Examples of prescription medications for a weakened bladder are estrogen therapies, alpha adrenergic agonists, and anticholinergics. There is also a new collagen injection therapy to improve urethral function.

For some pet owners expensive prescription medications or new experimental treatments will not be something they wish to consider at this time. If you fall into this category home remedies for urinary health and conditioning could be an alternative option to consider.

Some of the more effective natural alternative treatments fall under the heading of homeopathy. Homeopathic pet incontinence treatments work naturally to eliminate frequent urination, bladder discomfort, and urinary leakage.

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